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. Notice what excuses she has to be physically closer to you. 2 days ago · So, to just say it: Ms.

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. You feel comfortable around her. . Start by getting her number (i.

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LOL. Remember, you want her to feel special, and the only acceptable way to ask her out is by collecting yourself, taking a deep breath and calling her on the phone — or, better yet, finding a time to ask her. . The text should acknowledge what you said before, then coming from a place of concern or care, and doing. . Prepare for that. Or at least wishes she could say something, but struggles to find the right words.

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Your game plan ended at the asking-out phase. Basically, the ideal date is coffee and a walk through the park. 2.

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. If she says no, then she’s almost certainly just doing that to test your confidence (i. Start by getting her number (i. commentssorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment Thepenofdoom 13 •. Mar 14, 2020 · When a girl likes you, she’ll make no qualms about spending time with you. Ask the person who held her hand when she crossed the street, who. So yeah.

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. 5. Most inexperienced guys do that – they think asking girls out is a game of luck, and when a girl saysyes” to them, it’s because they got lucky (or because she felt sorry for them – and that’s worse). If a guy asks a girl out and she’s already in a bad mood, she’s not going. . So I (24M) asked this girl (20F) from work if she wanted to hang out sometime, and she said yes.

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